Using color to brand your office space

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It is well known that colour can influence our psyche. In society, colour also possesses meaning. For example, baby girls are always wrapped in pink, baby boys in blue. Interior decorators know what shades of colour to select to create certain moods and atmosphere. In business marketing, the effects of colours on buyers are also examined.

The way you use colours to stage your office in front of your clientele can also affect the message that you are trying to send them. The mood and atmosphere of your office can convey certain meanings, which is a great branding opportunity.

Here are some guidelines on how to use certain colours to achieve the effect you want:

Cool blue – blue is a colour that can be calming, but too much of it can also be depressing. However, used correctly, this colour can also show sophistication and intelligence. If you are an upscale high tech or science-based company then blue is your colour. While you don’t want everything in your office to be blue, you can use this colour for things like your presentation folders, your computer accessories, a filing cabinet, and anything associated with information.

Growing green – green symbolizes growth and environment, no wonder. It is a very warm and welcoming colour. Although it seems cliché, companies vying for attention from eco-friendly consumers will find this colour essential. You can add green to your office with plants and art decorations with vibrant shades of green. Keeping with the ‘growth’ theme, use hard wood desks and furniture to accent the green.

Pretty in pink and… – pink, lavender, baby blue, turquoise and other feminine colours appeal to women only, so use them if your clientele is mainly that. These colours are seen as soft, gentle, elegant and romantic. While home decorating accessories are easy to find in these colours, you may need to be more creative for your office. For example, using an artful mug as a pencil holder instead of a plastic black one, or making a chair cover out of colourful fabric to cover up the leather – are a few ideas to get you started. Fresh flowers are always a nice addition of these colours!

Mystery black – perhaps the most popular colour used in office furniture is black. It creates an atmosphere of mystery and thus, intimidation. Big ‘movers and shakers’ will like this colour for showing assertion during a deal-making process in a darkly furnished boardroom. Black is also a neutral colour, which means it can be a backdrop for other colour effects you want to achieve.

Exciting red, orange, yellow – these colours create feelings of happiness and stir up emotion and alertness. Their brightness makes them great for companies dealing with children, and for those wanting to show their product or service is going to make life easier. On the negative side, these are the colours used in hazard signs. They are usually the first thing people notice, especially yellow (think of traffic signs). Use them well in areas you want to draw attention to, but avoid them for things like confidential filing cabinets you want to keep unnoticed.

While all these colours can be used effectively, they shouldn’t be over done in your office decorating. Keep in mind that neutral colours like beige, gray and black can all be a backdrop to your colour coordination so that your symbolism remains subtle.

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