How a Live Answering Service can Assist Your Small Business

May 11, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

A live answering service can be a great asset to a business. In order to discuss the advantages of a live answering service we must first define it. A live answering service is a business service that answers clients’ phone calls and dispatches messages.

There are many ways that a live answering service can assist your small business.

Why do I need a live answering service?

  • First, if your hours of operation are around the clock, 24/7, you are going to need someone to manage your calls when you are not available to answer them. If you are not 24/7, customers are still going to call when you are closed, out to lunch or unavailable. A live answering service will reassure your customers you will be there for them to answer and respond to any calls, or answer questions if you are there or not there.
  • Live answering services can save you money. Hiring an employee in-house for the task of answering phones can be very expensive. A live answering service is a cost effective and professional alternative to hiring more staff for the same purpose.
  • A live answering service will be able to keep up when your company grows. If your business cannot manage your overcalls during the day, a live answering service can. Normally, overcalls go to voicemail or automation, but a live answering service is a good alternative. Ultimately it becomes your staff and is able to answer basic questions about your business. Also, if you need more advanced services (such as order processing or package training) the advanced call center could help manage your needs. Your business will never out-grow a live answering service!

How it can give you a leg-up!

  • A live voice to answer your phone calls will give you a big advantage over your competitors. A professional staff will help you when you are busy helping clients. This frees up time for you and puts you at ease that all of your phone calls are being taken care of.
  • People are three times more likely to leave a message with a live voice than a recorded voice. Usually, a voicemail message leads to more hang-ups which results in lost revenue. A live voice is there to answer their call when they need help.
  • It is more personal. A live answering service can customize their answering with your company name. The representatives will take messages, enter data into your web form, or forward calls to you as if you’re in the next office.
  • It’s just more convenient for you! You don’t need to take the time hiring and having a new employee fill out paperwork. You can sign up for a live answering service and cancel at any time with no trouble at all.

A live answering service is not only going to help your small business around the clock , but it’s going to cost a fraction of what you’d pay an employee. It can help bring your company more revenue because of the personalization of a live person rather than a voice recording.

Now, you know a bit more about what a live answering service can do for your small business!