From simple telephone answering to the most advanced administrative management skills, Elite offices offer it all. We can meet the needs of any sized project for your business or organization. Our staff is also highly trained and quick to jump on the ball when duty calls and deadlines need to be met.

Having an a la carté administrative assistant on your side is one of the best benefits of joining a shared office environment. Our philosophy is that we run your office so that you can run your business. Otherwise, you would be your own secretary, typist, telephone receptionist, payroll clerk, database manager, and ‘all of the above’. We allow you to make use of our help when you need it so that you don’t have to hire a full time staff person. Keep building your business and focusing on your clients while we take the pressure off your shoulders by getting the menial, yet necessary, tasks done for you. And you only pay for what you use.

Companies that have made use of our services have testified that their businesses were able to grow exponentially. Not only that, when we perform tasks for your clients, they feel as if we are solely dedicated to your operation. We never say “we’re just an answering service” and we always answer in your company name, saying “we” in our responses, as if we are part of your in-house team – and we are because WE pride ourselves on being an instrumental part of your in-house team! You’ll never have to worry about projecting a bad image or your clients not receiving the utmost professionalism when being serviced.

Join the Elite team, where we focus on being a people-orientated business! You’re sure to love us, and we guarantee your clients will too!

Our Services: