Offices creating change: going virtual is 94% better for the environment

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In our industry, we’ve always been known to reduce costs for businesses. Why pay for your own kitchen, copier, security, receptionist, etc. when you can share it all by pooling in with other businesses in a shared office centre? However, our services are more than just a cost-saver to our clients, they’re also a planet-saver.

Recently, our counterparts at the McLeland Group released a press release stating that virtual offices, when compared to traditional office space, can reduce a person’s carbon footprint by an astonishing 94%. This was found out by using to calculate the carbon offset ratio between a single office business centre serving 100 clients to the same number of separately operated offices.

Truth be told, we’ve known that for years too. Trouble is, not that many people are aware of just how much our industry is doing, and how beneficial it can be both for our environment, and our businesses. Here are a few reasons to go with a packaged office service or a virtual office when ‘going green’ is weighing on your conscious:

  • Sharing space in a building is the most sustainable thing you can do. You not only will share space, but will also be sharing water, electricity, heat, cleaning, and so on. The garbage man will only have to make one trip to your centre, and so will the recycling man.
  • Your employees don’t necessarily need to be there all the time. Allowing them to work from home is an eco-sustainable choice, avoiding fuel consumption and in many cases, increasing productivity and employee job satisfaction.
  • Office supplies are shared, which means less waste in terms of photocopier usage, paper handling, cabling and so on. Not only that, in the Elite Business Centres, you can often buy paper, discs, labels, envelopes and other supplies right from the front desk, eliminating your need to make frequent stops to the office supply store.
  • Furniture is reused when you decide to leave. That means you won’t be struggling trying to find a new home for your chair or filing cabinet, and the junk removal service won’t be taking them to the junk yard when you’re finished with them. The furniture stays and is reused from client to client.
  • Being connected to your clients with a virtual telephone answering service means you don’t need to check in to an office every day, and your virtual assistant doesn’t even need to print out copies of your documents and snail mail them – they can be electronically attached to an e-mail and reviewed right from your computer screen.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t just stop at the concept of a virtual or shared office centre. The inside practices of our centres are also doing what they can to create a better planet for our future. Recycling is a daily routine, and digital photocopiers are allowing direct scanning from USB sticks and more efficient printing. Some of our buildings have scheduled ‘lights off’ times and use less energy with newer technologies.

Sometimes ‘going green’ comes with a price – more for organic vegetables, a premium for buying local, or longer commute by using public transit. However, with a shared business centre, you actually SAVE money in addition to being kind to the environment. The 94% speaks for itself!

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