Finding the Right Fit when Hiring

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In this day and age, it is next to impossible to know whether or not you are hiring the right “fit” for your business. Business managers are very apprehensive because in these difficult economic times it is a fact that people will say anything it takes to get the job. This of course becomes evident only when the person has already been hired. It is easy to make excuses for these “trainees” and we let many of their mistakes slide, as patience is needed when someone is learning the ins and out of a new company. Often, as their probation period passes, it’s not just company knowledge they lack, but a less than eager willingness to learn and a lack of initiative.

Unfortunately, this is when issues arise. Managers ask themselves: “Do we really want to go through the whole process of screening, hiring, and training ALL over again?” The fact is, if we leave these people in place, with their less than optimal work ethic, we are truly not getting what we pay for, nor are our customers.

People who are hiring assume they are ready when they follow the usual process: The posting, the interview, references, and of course, the training. But do we really stop and ask ourselves exactly what KEY characteristics, skills, and behaviours are we intending on hiring for the long term? Are there “deal breaker” points that would make the decision for you, or are we expecting the educated and seemingly professional people to be right for any position?

Hiring the right mix of skill, professionalism, education, and presentation is extremely important. This is essential from the very beginning process, and according to, here’s how to start:

Determining your need to hire a new employee. – Are you properly utilizing the skills and talents of your current employees? Do you know what needs to be done? Can your business growth support a new employee? Are the key characteristics and skills matched to the job responsibilities?

Conducting a thorough job analysis. – What are the job’s essential functions and key performance criteria?

Writing a job description. – Detailing the job specification for the position based on the job analysis and outcomes desired.

These first steps are crucial when starting the hiring process, and naturally if these steps are executed properly, it makes for a much easier transition for you and your new team member!

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