Effective Handling of Sales Leads

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by Karline Mark-Eng

It is surprising how many sales leads are lost unknowingly on a daily basis. Cleaning business owners can easily spend a couple of hundred dollars a month on their advertising such as flyers, community newspaper ads, Yellow Page listings, etc. But, when those prospective customers pick up the phone to call your business, what do they hear? Are they immediately impressed with your professionalism? Is their call answered promptly and courteously? If they don’t reach you, are they assured a prompt call-back with a quotation?

Give yourself full marks if this is the case. However, this is not so with a great number of businesses. What the prospect instead hears is: A garbled answering machine taped message, background noises of young children and pets demanding attention, the harried voice of someone who is behind schedule and rushing out the door or worse, no answer! Undoubtedly the first impression received by the prospective customer is not a positive one. They may assume your company is too small to handle their project. So, instead of those important sales leads being handled properly, they are mismanaged and the prospect is lost to the next company on their selection process.

Hiring a professional telephone answering service is a very economical way of ensuring your company is presented with a professional image at all times. The centre may be asked to page you directly with any new sales leads and to hold the rest of the calls until you call in for them in between appointments. By selecting a company which specializes in “personalized” service, your callers will assume the person answering is your full-time secretary.

One such service which caters to small business clients is MPS Executive Suites. Karline, the owner/manager, is very aware of the importance of handling each call as if it may be your biggest new contract of the year. She says, “we have a very important responsibility to help our clients’ businesses grow. If my clients are successful, then we will be too.” Murray Forbes can attest to the quality of service the association receives from MPS. “Besides handling our calls, the staff also assists with our other office needs such as typing, copying and even boardroom rentals. I can trust the staff to add the professional business touches to all aspects of our work.”

When it comes to reviewing your office overhead expenses, having a professional answering service doesn’t necessarily cost more. If you choose carefully it can generate extra sales leads and extra revenue that more than pays for itself.

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