9 Home-Based Business that Could use a Virtual Office in 2010 – Part 1

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A visit to Inc Magazine’s site will show you an article titled “9 Businesses You Can Start In Your Pajamas in 2010.” In it, you will find everything from a mompreneur who got her baby clothing line into a store where Nicole Kidman shops to a guy who wears logo t-shirts for money (and to think we do it for free sometimes!). While the business ideas are fascinating and the stories inspiring, we in the office industry can see how each of these pajama-startups could be even more successful with a virtual office to come to their aid when the big knuckles start knocking.

And so, here is our take on the article’s featured businesses:

1. The t-shirt guy: His company is called IWearYourShirt.com and surprisingly has taken off. The way he works is that he charges companies to wear their logos on his t-shirt, with each day of the month costing the amount of the calendar number. So $1 buys your company a September 1st wear, and $30 buys you a September 30th wear. Here’s the catch: he’s expanding. Now there’s someone wearing Your Shirt on the West Coast and no doubt we can soon expect a cornbread eating, t-shirt wearer in the South and an igloo building, shirt model in the North (or we hope). When the process gets complicated and companies can pick locations to have someone wearing their shirts, IWearYourShirt.com will need a headquarters and a centralized phone number that can direct calls to the appropriate person who wears clothes for a living.

2. The entertainment franchisers: Two corporate fellas started Games2U, a mobile entertainment van that can be rented out at birthday parties and events. Each fully equipped vehicle is sold as a franchise and now a big shot at Dell has decided to help the expansion. Wouldn’t it be great if each city had a local office where meetings could be held with the area’s franchisee owners every now and then? No need to rent full time offices, a booking by the hour will do just fine for these entertainment moguls, who likely spend most of their time on the road anyway.

3. The e-mail advice lady: She gives financial advice in an e-mail newsletter to 9,000 subscribers. Pretty impressive! But that’s her second business. She runs another one at home while being a mother of two. It would be safe to believe that this accomplished woman would need a telephone answering service to take care of her advertising calls, take messages from financially incompetent people and look professional to her high-end writers. That way she can spend more time doing what she does best – marketing advice.

4. The virtual insurance agent: This man works from home with his baby daughter in lap giving sales pitches and insurance advice to clients over the Internet. His success is based on the fact that he’s a work-from-home kinda guy, which is being seen as more trustworthy than the mysterious insurance ‘men in black’. Since he does virtual insurance, it would be most fitting for his office and phone communications to be virtual too! His meetings can still be over voice chat, but truth be told, no one wants to take work with them on their vacations. This man’s virtual office can be complementary to his existing virtual communication with clients. The beauty of virtual plans is they come without contracts and minimum terms, which makes them flexible for a business owner and reliable to a client base when they need a human to talk to right away.

Stay tuned for our next article, giving the remaining 5 reasons why these home-based businesses could use a virtual office!

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